Is cannabis legal in all California cities and counties?

Cities and counties may have stricter laws about cannabis that are in addition to the state law. Know your local cannabis laws.

How does cannabis affect your brain?

Your brain is still developing. Using cannabis regularly in your teens and early 20s may lead to physical changes in your brain.

Research shows that when you use cannabis your memory, learning, and attention are harmed. Some studies suggest a permanent impact as well.

Check out our Youth and Marijuana section for more information and sources.

Is it true that cannabis is stronger now than it was years ago?

Yes. The way cannabis plants are grown has changed over the past few decades. Many plants now contain higher amounts of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the active ingredient in cannabis. The higher the THC content, the stronger the effects on your brain and behavior. A higher concentration of THC may result from using newer methods of cannabis like dabbing, vaping, and/or consuming edibles.

What can happen if I am caught driving high?

If you are caught driving high, the following penalties may apply: 1) Fine up $1000 2) Jail time up to 6 months 3) DUI Classes up to 9 months 4) License suspensions up to 10 months. For more information check out our Cannabasics 101 section of the website.

Now that cannabis is legal, can my employer forbid me from using?

Even though it is legal under California law, employers have the right to prohibit the use of cannabis by their employees. Know your workplace cannabis policies.

What can I do if a young person I know is using Cannabis?

  • Stay calm. Overreacting may lead youth to rebel, feel resentment or take greater risks.
  • Talk about your concerns and give positive reasons for wanting youth to stop using cannabis.
  • Keep the conversation open for problem solving.
  • Remind youth of the ground rules you set earlier, or set new ground rules and consequences.
  • If needed, seek help from trusted adults and resources in your community.
  • Call 911 and get help if there is a medical or mental health emergency.

How long has Rethinking Access to Marijuana been around?

Rethinking Access to Marijuana includes partners from non-profit and community based organizations, government agencies, law enforcement and other health service providers. The group was formed in August 2014 when advocates for LA County recognized a need to collaborate and partner to address mutual concerns related to marijuana and youth.

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