What You Can Do

The choices we make now will impact our future. The systems and structures that we build, will be inherited by our youth and future leaders. As community members and advocates for Los Angeles County, what can “YOU” do to make a difference?

Change can start with you! Here are a few ways you can take action in your community:

Join or create a community coalition.

Actively participate with other community members such as parents, teachers, law enforcement, religious leaders and others to mobilize at the local level to ensure safer, healthier and drug-free communities.

Advocate for laws that protect youth.

Make your voice heard by appearing as a community representative or writing letters to policymakers. Attend local city council or county meetings to make public comment. You can also go to your local neighborhood meeting. For a list of your representatives, visit:

Write letters to the editor and guest editorials.

Write your concerns about marijuana and its impact on youth in a letter to the editor or a guest editorial for your local paper or news site.

Educate your friends and family.

Talk with your friends, neighbors and family about the issues. Share the research to help dispel myths and protect youth.

Promote extracurricular activities.

Youth who have access to alternative activities like sports and after-school programs are less likely to use drugs and alcohol. Support local organizations that provide a healthy forum for youth, or create fun, alcohol- and drug-free social activities for youth.